Third Grade Thanksgiving

We had the CUTEST Halloween party in class last Friday!

Students had those adorable turkey cupcakes, along with tons of other sweets and snacks.

We played a game called Thanksgiving bingo and used little pellets to play it with.

The craft was a simple one. (Hallelujah!) They simply colored those little wooden “Thanks” crafts. While they colored it, we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

To end the party, each of the kids got a goody bag to take home and a special note from me telling them why I am thankful for them.

Out of all the holiday class parties I’ve thrown, this was one of the best! Thanks especially to my class mom- she takes decorating to a whole new level!!

Oh and of course I had to add in a photo of all the books I ordered for the classroom. I got the entire Wimpy Kid series (including the new one-Double Down), a government picture book packet, Moana, Trolls, the new American Girl book, and the Key Hunter series. Thanks to Scholastic for giving me lots of points so I got them all for free! My kids almost had a cow when they saw the book box arrive.

Anyway, now I’m in St. Augustine now for a wedding! Happy almost Thanksgiving! Hope these picture will add some inspo to your class parties. 😉

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