5 Must Have Beauty Products for Sun Ready Skin

As someone who has always struggled with achieving a flawless complexion during spring and summer, if I find something that works, I have to brag about it! I love being outdoors, so consequently, I spend a lot of time in the sun. Between beach trips, daily runs, and monitoring recess outside each day (#teacherlife), I need a skin care routine that will protect my face from the effects of the suns harmful rays. Below I have listed 5 beauty products that I use on the regular to help manage break outs, even out skin tone, keep skin moisturized, and help protect against the sun.


This Charcoal & Black Sugar mud mask is my most recent discovery! It pulls out unwanted oils and dead skin cells, leaving my face evenly toned, smooth, and less oily for days.  I use it 2-3 times per week, and I always notice great results! Even my husband commented on how smooth (and non oily) my skin is, and guys are normally oblivious to that sort of thing haha. My skin gets sooo oily during the warmer months so this helps a lot!


This Neutrogena deep moisture day cream is great for all skin types and keeps my skin moisturized and protected from the sun. I always use it before putting my make up on, and it makes applying foundation so much smoother to apply! It’s also not super thick so it doesn’t make my skin oily.


I use this Mary-Kay acne treatment gel every morning and night on any breakouts I have. It clears them up fast! I put it on under my moisturizer and foundation. This originally came in a 4-pack complete with cream, toner, and a cleanser, but I prefer just to use the gel.


This Clinique All About Eyes serum is great for mornings when I have had very little sleep and have big bags under my eyes. I apply the soothing roller to around my eyes and my bags disappear. It also feels soooo refreshing, especially if I’m suffering from the after effects of a sunburn! I don’t use this every day- just maybe once every few weeks as needed. It lasts a long time!


Lastly, this Neutrogena deep moisture night cream is the sister cream to the day moisturizer I listed above. I use this multiple times per week before I go to bed. If my skin is oily at night before retiring, then I won’t use it and I’ll let my skins natural oils do its thing. However, I try to use this often, especially if I’ve used the mud mask earlier in the night. After a day in the sun, this cream helps replenish all the nutrients lost throughout the day.

What products do you guys use on the daily? Does anyone have any special routines they do before going in the sun? I love hearing what other people use so I can get ideas for what to try next. 🙂

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