6 Legitimate Reasons I Will Never Become A Beachbody Coach

It seems like every time I log on to Social Media another new friend has become a Beachbody coach, consequently spamming my timelines with nonstop posts about their workouts, their bodies, their struggles, and their successes. For a little while I considered joining the Beachbody community to become a coach, but I soon realized that would be a mistake. After researching this program extensively, I have come up with 6 reasons I will never become a Beachboy coach.

  1. Beachbody programs don’t build sustainable healthy habits. It seems easy to go on a 21 day fix to control your food portions, eat healthy, and work out, but what happens when those 21 days are up? What lifestyle habits were changed, and what new ones were formed during those three weeks? Because this program encourages people to go full throttle for a short time on this diet program, it neglects to educate users on how to create a sustainable, long-term, health conscious lifestyle.
  2. There are no education requirements. No licenses are needed, no degrees are required, all you need is a credit card number. The Beachbody program entices users to become a coach with the promise of lower priced Shakeology shakes and the possibility of making a commission, but where is the education? They only know what the program has told them.
  3. My time can be better used elsewhere. I would rather not spend all my time on Social Media begging my followers to join in on this charade. Beachbody coaches are very “in your face”.  I’ve had random people I haven’t spoken to in years message me, asking me to order their product. Sorry, but if I never spoke to you in high school, why do you think that now, over half a decade later, I want you to be my fitness coach?! If you need help achieving nutrition or fitness goals, it’s better to see a nutritionist or a personal trainer who can help you create and achieve realistic, sustainable goals.
  4. I can feel good about myself no matter what my body looks life. Beachbody coaches promise that once you try their product, you will feel good about yourself again. You will have confidence. You will feel beautiful. You will have more energy, the list goes on. However, those are just blanket promises that have no science or data backing them up. It implies that if you aren’t skinny, if you don’t meal plan, if you don’t try their shakes, you won’t feel good about yourself.
  5. It’s over priced. It literally costs money to become a coach, and you have to pay money monthly to stay a coach. I find this bizarre! You are paying the company to advertise for them so you can sign others up to do the same. Not only that, but the workout programs are expensive. Why pay money when you can find the same workouts online for free by watching channels such as Rebecca Louise Fitness or Pop Sugar Fitness. These channels have hundreds of workout videos to provide you with whatever type of workout you want. In addition, a 30 day supply of Shakeology is roughly $130! When you buy these shakes, you are simply paying for a brand. Other shake companies, such as Fitmiss and Vega Protein can help you achieve the same results at a quarter of the cost. And in my opinion, they taste way better.
  6. You must sell yourself to sell the product. Beach Body encourages users to take “before and after’ photos of themselves in a bathing suit or revealing clothes to show their friends and family via social media just how much their bodies have changed since starting the program. However, as a feminist, I do not agree with women using their bodies to make a point or to sell a product. Isn’t this why we had the feminist movement in the first place, so others would see us not as objects, but as equals? These photos leave other women feeling envious, men feeling lustful, and it portrays an image that “if you try this work out you will look just like me.” But that simply isn’t true. In the name of “community” and a “healthier life”, Beachbody coaches are sowing seeds of self-damaging thoughts in the minds of their followers. Your body image is worth more than discounted shakes and empty promises. Don’t sell your own image and name for Shakeology and Beachbody, companies that, at the end of the day, will end up costing you money.

Before roping yourself into the next pyramid scheme, make sure to find out what the company is really doing with your money, and what they stand for beneath the pictures, the prices, and the promise of a new you.

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