10 Reasons to Celebrate the First Day of Spring


Ahhh the glorious first day of spring has finally arrived. The flowers begin to bloom, the sun starts to shine, and the bitter, bone-chilling winter days are behind us. If there’s any a time to celebrate, it’s now!

First of all, you no longer will have to de-ice your car in the morning. That means you get an extra five minutes of sleep. Need I say more?

Second of all, you can put that impractical, puffy, winter coat back into the closet. And leave it there. And throw all those scarves, hats, wool socks, and under armor in with it too. Not going to need those anytime soon.

Thirdly, it’s time to pull out those bathing suits and start planning your next beach trip. Or, better yet, go buy yourself a new suit. You now have an excuse to try on all those new styles you see every time you walk into the store. Will you go for a one piece this year? A high-wasted bottom? A netted top? The possibilities are endless.

Fourth, you can step outside for fresh air (and not die of frost bite). Hear those birds chirping? They’re back! Smell the flowers. Go for a run. Let the sun touch your pasty white skin. It’s time to start working on that base tan so you don’t get fried come summer.

Fifth, you can get back to your favorite outdoor sports. Remember that mountain bike rotting in the shed from six months of no use? Hit those trails and ride. Those golf clubs stuffed in your closet? Dust them off and head to the driving range. It’s now time to pick up those old warm-weather sports and get back into the swing of things.

Sixth, your yard will look pretty again. Lay out that new mulch. Plant some fresh flowers. Spread some new grass seed. Everything is coming back to life, so you can look out your window and feel happy again. Say goodbye dead grass, bare trees, and soggy ditches, and say hello to green grass, fresh blooms, and butterflies.

Seventh, you can stay up later. With daylight lasting longer than usual, you have so much more time to spend outside. Or at least spend awake, with that sunlight streaming through your windows.

Eighth, you can clean up your diet. The holidays are long over, so you won’t be tempted to splurge on any holiday sweets. And heavy winter comfort foods make it ever so convenient to bulk up during the winter. But now it’s time to make room for fresh produce! As local farmer’s markets pop up, and new fruits and veggies come into season, it’s time to load up on those delicious foods while they’re in their prime.

Ninth, it’s socially acceptable to eat alllllll the icecream. Yes, I know this completely contradicts my eighth point, but let’s be real, it’s been too cold to eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, or custard without immediately regretting it. But now it’s finally warm enough to indulge in your favorite frozen treat! Take advantage of Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen or Rita’s, where they will provide you with a free ice cream to celebrate the first day of spring.

Tenth, you can introduce iced coffee back into your diet. If your anything like me, Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino’s give me life! But again, it’s simply been too cold to enjoy them. Now that it’s spring, stop by your local coffee shop and pick up for favorite iced coffee or tea. And in case you haven’t heard, Starbucks has a new tie-dye drink on their secret menu, so give your Monday a boost and go grab yourself one.

Ready to celebrate spring? I think it’s safe to say we all are.



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