Crush It

Want to know what the most painful thing in the world is?

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret.

….it’s breaking your big toe.

While pitter pattering my way up the stairs last week (I totally wasn’t trying to skip steps and sound like an elephant or anything) I managed to rip my toe nail off my big toe.


So. Much. Blood.

I literally just held my toe and rocked back and forth, it was one of those helpless moments where your waiting for the pain to subside and it just doesn’t.

The worst part about it was that I was about to leave for a Discipleship Now weekend at my church for a weekend full of trampolining, go carts, bumper cars, and lots and lots of walking around.

So I wrapped my toe up, sucked it up, and went to the DNOW. I feel bad I had to be a party-pooper when the 6th grade girls I was in charge of wanted to do literally everything I couldn’t do. Spiritual warfare, maybe, preventing me from relating to these girls? Who knows.

Now it’s Wednesday, and I was able to get the toenail clipped off yesterday thanks to a super sweet nurse at the clinic, but I’m happy to say I have still been in the gym every day this week!

Thank the Lord for stationary bikes with low impact on the feet. Won’t let this toe get me down! Today is leg day in the gym so we’ll see how this goes…

Saying all this to encourage you that if your not feeling your best or if something hurts- don’t let that stop you from crushing your goals! If you’ve got a cold, do some yoga. If a muscle or bone hurts, find a way to work around it. Keep pushing, or you’ll lose your gains!

Above I have attached one of my favorite Rebecca Louise videos. This will have your abs burning!! Give it a go.

Get out there and crush it!!



5 thoughts on “Crush It

  1. I hope your nail will be ok soon! I haven’t ripped it yet but damaged it so it went off itself and even this wasn’t anything happy. It’s so good to read from people who are crazy and brave enough to work out even with an injury.

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