Because I’m Happy…

Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...Because I’m Happy...

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof … ♥

Do you ever just wake up feeling motivated and ready to start a new week?! Well that is how I’m feeling today! I’ve been so happy all day, I feel like a pep squad leader getting ready for a big game. With my last post from Saturday sounding kind of grey, I couldn’t let today’s mood go to waste! So I wrote down 10 reasons I’m feelin happy today. Make sure to tell me one reason YOU are feeling joyful today in the comment section!

1. I kept a fast, steady pace during my run today.
2. Trenton went for a walk outside with me even though it’s super cold out! I love walks.
3. I got new presets for my photos- hence the goldish tint they have to them.
4. I’m having vegetable fried rice for dinner tonight and I’m SO EXCITED. I’ve been living in China for nearly a month and haven’t had any fried rice yet!
5. I woke up feeling motivated to learn mandarin! Doesn’t happen often.
6. The house is clean. Whenever my house is sparkly clean and clutter free I’m 100% more motivated to get things done through the day.
7. The Office still cracks me up. I watched an episode while eating lunch today and I was dying. Michael Scott fan forever.
8. We actually started bumping into locals that we’ve seen around town, like in other restaurants and at the park and that’s just a cool feeling considering how big this city is!
9. I listened to piano/violin versions of Disney music during my run and now I’m dying to watch 101 Dalmatians. Where is my two year old niece when I need her?!
10. I crossed a huge chunk of stuff off of my to do list this weekend, stuff that had been piling up since November! Glad that’s off my shoulders.
So that’s why I’m happy today. What is one reason YOU are happy today? ♥
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


60 thoughts on “Because I’m Happy…

  1. Gorgeous photos! It’s great that you’re feeling so well and motivated, one of the best feelings to have that I don’t have so often. I’m happy that I can rest a bit today and I have my posts planned for the week which usually I never have them planned and scheduled.

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    1. Having posts planned ahead is such a huge load off!! I think one of the reasons I’m so happy is cause I finished everything I needed to this weekend, along with lots of rest! I hope you can rest today as well and get ahead 💕😊

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  2. I’m new here and find your blog so inspiring! you’re beautiful and just so lovely!! Now, I feel like watching 101 Dalmatians, I guess i’ll have to wait till I see my nieces on Friday 🙂 x

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      1. Thank you!! Hopefully, I think I enjoy Disney a little more than they do though😒 maybe I can bribe them with chocolate! Ha ha xo


  3. So sweet to read your post! I hope the Lord is drawing you closer everyday and I pray for His love to shine through you guys to those people you’re getting to know!! I’m happy today because we’ll finally be boarding our flight to Johannesburg tomorrow! Woohoo! 💕

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    1. Aw thanks Brittany 🙂 It is so good to hear from you! That is so exciting you finally headed to Johannesburg! Woop woop!! I hope you made it okay, and that it will be a smooth transition for you as you get settled in. 🙂 Miss you girl!!!


  4. Is it especially difficult living in another country? I can’t seem to ever get visitors from China. I figured I should follow more travel blogs just to see what it’s like in other countries. You’re blog is very nice.

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